Morocco desert tours

Our Morocco desert excursions have been led by local guides and take you off the beaten path, also drivers who own a firm grasp of their English terminology.

We all offer desert excursions to Morocco’s most interesting sights that appeal to any tourist, by the relaxed holiday-goer into the traveller. Our holiday trips may have visits with all their own grandeur and architectural miracles.

A common offering really are all our hiking trips our carnival trekking via the Sahara Desert. Excursions may include remaining nighttime at tents before hiking onward via Berber villages at the High Atlas Mountains that are breathtaking.

You are able to choose from one of the wide range of present private tour packages, or custom-design your holiday vacation according to your requirements. Begin and finish your excursion in the city of your choice.

Our tours can be tailored to suit budget your time-frame, and a assortment of different specifications. Please don’t be afraid to speak to us for extra information!