Morocco Camel trekking

Marrakech camel-trek

Camel trekking in Marrakech is not something you do every day. Exploring the sand from Marrakesh leading up to the famous Sahara is unreal to say the least. The offerings are unlimited; from the dramatic Golden sand dunes to the spectacular blue skies of the African desert. An excursion made possible by camels should be in everybody’s bucket list. You get to make memories that cannot be erased for a lifetime. This adventure is like going back in time to tap into raw experiences that are Incomparable. Here is what you can look forward to; Enjoy breathtaking sand dunes
Standing at 30 miles are the dunes of Erg Chebbi; these are the highest dunes in Morocco and certainly the most fascinating. These golden formations run harmoniously in the landscape to give you the most adorable arid ensemble. It is these golden dunes that form the Moroccan, Algerian border. With the border being newly opened, there is more vast area to traverse. Exploring this area will reveal the true majesty of the desert where sand dunes are part and parcel of the rugged beauty.

Have a camel trek experience like no other

If you have never been on a camel, it is perfectly normal to feel intimidated. For Moroccan day trips however, there is no need to fear. Trained guides will help anyone perfect the art of riding a camel in no time. All you have to do is say calm. These tall legendary animals will prove to you that they are the undisputed kings of the desert. On camel1backs, you get to view the hilarious horizon, taking in the wonderful sandy scenery.
After the adventure, you will surely have more respect for the good old camel

Access unreal desert hospitality

A camel trek from Marrakesh will naturally lead you to a stop for rest. Desert tents are your ultimate desert stops where you get to unwind and refresh in a unique way. This alluring desert hospitality will connect you to local cuisines so that you can taste the local culture and enjoy the offerings therein. Such tents will have modern conveniences like a toilet, comfortable mattress, sheets and blankets. The desert can get very cool at night. Enjoy a tent fire as you adore countless shinning stars in the vast North African skies. In the background, you can unwind thanks to the Berber drum beats.

Choose the length of your adventure

When it comes to camel trekking in Morocco, you can decide how long you want the fun to last. You can Explore the desert for a single day or for a whole week or more. Special occasions like New Year’s Eve come with special offerings to your delight. To this end, this adventure is highly convenient to suit your travel needs. Make sure not to miss the serene sunsets and super sunrises in the gorgeous desert.

All the above can be made possible by our experienced tour guides and planners of Marrakesh camel tours Rest assured that we cater to all the details. We are here to make sure that your Morocco camel trekking in the expansive desert is as seamless as possible.