You can always have lots of fun on a visit to Morocco, but nothing can beat the fun that comes with Day trips from Marrakech to Essaouira. From the scenic seaside town to the traditional port and all the way to breathtaking beaches, a full day trip here offers all you need to travel back

in time. So buckle up, this is your journey to one of the most attractive destinations that Morocco has seen so far. And these are not the only surprises this trip might have in store for you, there’s still more to enjoy. Read on to find out what you can find out there, somewhere, not forgetting the treats along the way.

From the start there’s one thing that makes Day trips from Marrakech to Essaouira fun, it has to be that it is fun right from the start. You can opt for a pick up from your hotel room in the morning. An air-conditioned vehicle can be a great way to start your day    you cruise down the Atlantic coast on your Morocco excursions On the way, you will have the chance to learn about Essaouira’s long history of turbulence. Also, learn about it from the Roman times when it used to produce purple dye to the city’s history under Portuguese rule when it was known as the Mogador.

When it comes to the areas you can visit on your tours from Marrakech there will always be enough options to spoil you for choice. One of the remarkable places to visit is the Skala Kasbah. This used to be a citadel during the war and is one of the monumental places to check out. You can also take a stroll on Essaouira port to watch local anglers’ return to the inland with their catch. Another Rlace to visit, especially for art enthusiasts, is the wonderful art galleries in the Medina region of Essaouira. You can also stroll across the maze streets in Medina and step into several shops with a great collection of souvenirs. And some treats
One of the most impressive things you can enjoy on your tours from Marrakech is a seafood lunch in some of the harbor stalls or cafe of your choice. You can also decide to step into one of the numerous fish restaurants and have a treat of its kind.

Moreover, nothing beats the experience of a sunbath at any point along the 6 km stretch of pure sandy beach. You will also have a great time across the Argan trees forest and amaze yourself with a wonderful view of goats having fun on the trees.You can learn too If you have ever heard of the liquid gold, also known as the Moroccan oil, then this is also your chance to
learn about it. You will get an opportunity to find out everything about the extraction of the infamous Argan oil. That is not all yet, you can stop by a local women’s corporative if want to learn about how the oil is used in making ideal cosmetic products.

At the culmination of your Marrakech excursions, you will have a lot to experience and explore this magnificent city. What better way to end your trip than exploring the Essaouira’s souks. Here you can enjoy the numerous workshops on your way. You will also come across such crafts as art crafted from gemstones, rugs, and slippers, hand-painted pottery and much more than the pros of art here have to lay on your way. Apparently, Day trips to Essaouira from Morocco will always have much fun in store for you.All it takes is making the most out of eve moment you will be out there. Most of the visitors who take on these full day tour on their Morocco excursions always have the craving to come back and have a feel of that all over again.

There’s no better way to step back to the good old days than trying this adventurous trip. If there is one day you could say you ever spent well in Morocco it has to be this one. You can go ahead and give it a try, to experience the serenity and artsy town of Essaoui ra. What more would you ask for?