Marrakech to Atlas Mountain day trip

Any holiday in Marrakech cannot be complete without the highlight Atlas Mountains excursions. This is the time you get to see how beautiful Morocco is and experience the life of the local people in the valleys.
For your trip to the Atlas Mountains, you and your group can either join other excursionists or you can choose to take the excursion alone but with a tour guide.
Before the trip you might need to hire a 4×4 vehicle or any other kind of vehicle that will suit you. You will have made prior arrangements to have an English speaking travel guide who will be very handy with all the information any translations from the dialect of the local people.

Marrakech city as it is known by its French name otherwise known as Marrakesh is situated in the West of Morocco and in the Northern side of Atlas Mountains. It is one of the major cities in Morocco which is the fourth largest after Casablanca, followed by Fez and then Tangier.
It’s a walled city with its main inhibitors being Berber farmers. The symbol of Marrakech city is the 12th Century Koutoubia Mosque which is visible from afar because of its Moorish minaret.

Tour from Marrakech

Your trip starts in Marrakech heading to the atlas Mountains. As you drive along, you will get to hear and know from your tour guide the rural way of life in Morocco. The tour guide will give you a full itinerary of your excursion. Your first place of visit is the Ourika Valley and its famous waterfalls which will take you around 1 hour to get there.

Ourika Valley and Water Falls

Having reached the Ourika Valley, you can never have the best of the scenery if you do not take the guided 1 hour walk. You will walk around the terraced slopes enjoying the spectacular lush greenery scene and the views of different landscapes, not mentioning the stunning waterfalls of Ourika Valley. Get to enjoy the sight of tumbling waters and feel the water mist on your face while having either coffee or mint tea. If you need to take photos, this is the first place which also becomes the best you can have for your photos.

Berber Women

From the falls and right there at Ourika Valley gut to meet the local Berber women at Argan Oil Co-operative while extracting argan oil. Argan oil is made from a special nut going under the same name – Argan nut. This is a local factory to help the Berber women in their daily earnings. The extracted oil from Argan nuts, the Berber women, and other locals use it for their cooking and making their cosmetics or just applying it to themselves. The guide will help you make conversation with them if there is something you need to learn from these women.

Oukaimaden Valley

The tour will then take you to Oukaimeden Valley. While en route to Oukaimeden Valley, you will pass through a bio-aromatic garden. Here you get to see different herbs and plants cultivated for medicinal, aromatic and other purposes. Again you will get to learn how local medicines are made and from which type of plants. For the nature lovers, this is your spot. At Oukaimeden Valley you get to climb 1,800 meters (5,900 feet) above the sea level, on a winding mountain road. You are still enjoying the scene       of the ranges. You will then pass Berber villages with houses of stones perched on the steep sloppy mountain

Local Cuisine Lunch

Get to enjoy learning the authentic life of Berber local people and their culture. You must be very hungry by now. Berber local people are very hospitable. Morocco local people have very special dishes that are Mouth-licking. You do not want to miss a taste of these tasty dishes. With just a little amount of money, you can either choose to have your lunch in one of Berber family homes and enjoy a sumptuous wide variety of
local cuisine. If it does not suit you, you can choose to have your lunch at a restaurant nearby. Either way, you will get to enjoy your lunch.

Asni Valley

From having that delicious lunch, you will then begin the second excursion which will take you to Asni Valley. On your way to Asni Valley, you will get to see apples, peach, walnuts, and almond groves. You will also enjoy the view of the highest North   African peak which is Mt. Toubkal with 4,165 meters (13,665 feet) above sea level. Definitely, you will need to take as many photos as you can. The scene from up there is very beautiful. The air here is crispy cool and sometimes snowy. It is nothing you have ever seen before.

Marrakech to Atlas Mountain day trip

After the Toubkal Mountain and on your way to Marrakech, you can opt to pass through Lake Takerkoust. Enjoy the azure collared Lake Takeroust which is a reflector of the snow-capped mountains.

Marrakech to Atlas Mountain day trip is the best experience one can ever have a holiday with these mountains which Morocco prides itself for, one can never ask for a better trip and a memorable one than this one. While visiting Morocco do not fail to take this one day only trip that will remain etched in your mind for the rest of your life.